Corporate Profile

The pursuit of taste. The pursuit of happiness.

Corporate philisophy

We always challenge ourselves and never cease our passion to "See, Read, Move! Each and every one of us is committed to We aim to be a company that brings joy to our customers through the delicious taste and safe quality of our products.


We have been engaged in product development and sales activities while keeping in mind the philosophy of our predecessors: "We are happy when people say 'it tastes good'". In these rapidly changing times, if we cannot "adapt to change," we will be left behind. We will continue to maintain our commitment to what is important to us and what we have cultivated over the years, while responding flexibly to change and meeting the needs of our clients. We will continue to passionately challenge everything we do at Kanekyu Shoten.

President 鈴木綾祐 Ryosuke Suzuki

Our products, our pride

In 1953, Kane-Kyuu was founded in
the port city of Yaizu.
Now, after more than half a century,
we are still making each product with our heart and soul,
and with just as much passion.
From Yaizu,
the best city for narutomaki in Japan,
we deliver this superb delicacy to your table.

Corporate profile

Company name : Kane-Kyuu Co., Ltd.
Founded : 1953
Established : August 1st, 1965
Capital : 10 million yen
President : Ryosuke Suzuki
Location : [first factory] 4-7-3 Hamatome, Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 425-0012
[second factory] 3-5-31 Yaizu, Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 425-0026
Tel : 054-627-6624
Fax : 054-629-2474
Email :
Business overview : manufacturing and sale of fish paste products
Main products : various kinds of narutomaki, oden ingredients, and osechi items
Our bank : Shizuoka Bank, Yaizu Shinkin Bank